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Established in 1963 by Giovanni Damilano, Pontevecchio began production in 1971. Over those 8 years, the factory was built in Luserna San Giovanni in the heart of the Pellice Valley, featuring the first line for the bottling of mineral water from the Sparea spring in returnable bottles. The Oro spring was added in 1982, bottled under the label Cottian Alps. Bottling of Valmora, brand leader in north-west Italy, began in 1990, with the bottling of water in plastic (PET) bottles one year later. Facilities were further renovated and expanded in 2003, work which continued over the subsequent years, resulting in the facilities we see today. The company is now run by Giovanni’s sons Mario and Paolo Damilano.


The Pontevecchio plant in Luserna San Giovanni

Over the course of its over 45-year history, the company has extensively renovated its manufacturing facilities, currently featuring 5 bottling lines and covering an area of 25,000 m2.
The greatest investments have been made in the manufacturing systems, with improvements to the washing and sterilising systems for the glass bottles and the bottling systems for PET plastic bottles, and the adoption of high performance machinery with a capacity of 120,000 bottles per hour.


We are striving for sustainable development of our company activities in economic, social, and environmental terms.

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